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My Application Programming Interface (API) is based on information from the Guardian, and multiple twitter accounts all of which are related to Wikileaks. Especially the last couple of years, Wikileaks played and still plays an interesting part in our society. It ensures that we have access to difficult yet inaccessible information as a normal citizen. This information was and still is hidden from us by various governments. It is important that we know of the existence of this informations as well as understand this information because most of it is about us, our society and our world.

Unfortunately, even if this information is accessible through Wikileaks, it is still very complicated. Complicated articles and texts that for most people, the average human being, our mums and dads, are not understandable.

This information should not only be accessible for everyone but should also be understandable for everyone. I started doing research on how I could get access to such information and searched also for the sources with the most tangible language, and found these sources on social media. Particular on twitter. Famous people and people who are involved with Wikileaks tweet regularly about different important topics for everyone. Twitter has limited characters, the texts are quite short and sweet worded that any layman can understand this. Besides using Twitter as a source I also wanted to use a source less limited with characters and with a bit more depth but still understandable for everyone. I found the guardian, a newspaper that also has quite a lot of articles about things that are exposed in Wikileaks. With both Twitter and the Guardian as a source to get clear information exposed by Wikileaks, makes that Wikileaks is now accessible to everyone, with a result that more people can have a understanding of what is happening in today’s society