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Internship at Patten Studio, NY

From the beginning of September till the end of December 2016 I worked as an intern at Patten Studio in New York. Patten Studio creates real-world interactions by using design and technology to connect people outside digital worlds. James Patten the CEO and Founder of Patten Studio is an interaction designer, inventor and visual artist working at the intersection of the physical and digital worlds. He earned his doctorate at the MIT Media Lab.During my internship I got the chance to work on multiple big projects. One of those projects, called The Beacons was a kinetic system containing three turning projectors. This project was for the Rag & Bone Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Show. It was the first project I worked on at the studio. I did this together with James Patten and his great team existing out of Jen Lusker Director of Operations, Lui Kawasumi Design Engineer and Fabricator and Mihae Mukaida Creative Director.

Another project I worked on is Lift, an interactive light installation that senses and responds to human activity in its environment. For me Lift is the ultimate form of interaction design. Besides that the design is beautiful the technology makes it a very special installation. Different petals attached to a single spine, able to response to motion separately makes it almost feel like a human is breathing.

Patten Studio really stood by me and helped me become an even better designer, fabricator and researcher.
My time at Patten Studio was an amazing time with amazing people.

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'The Beacons is a kinetic content system that opens windows into a virtual world, sound tracked to Thom Yorke’s “Coloured Candy.' Patten Studio